Zavoloka “Transmutatsia” 2016

Kvitnu 2016

Release Notes:

“Black light from twisted spiral galaxies laughs and transfers into an inner vortex.
Concentrated sound rays are coming inside, focused in clusters, shiver, explode and constantly mutate.
Glowing reconstruction lava moves with heavy and raw fire clots burning everything out to dust.
Melting, converting, dissolving, transforming.

1. CDr comes as handmade all-red limited edition.

2. 10″ Vinyl comes as anniversary author signed limited edition of 10 copies.
10″ black vinyl high-end master cut record, made per copy for each order.
Each buyer of vinyl additionally gets:
– Personal 95% discount code for Kvitnu shop for whole 2017 year.
– Big pack of Kvitnu stickers.
– Kvitnu logo black T-shirt.
– Surprise.


Music by Zavoloka
Remix by Cluster Lizard
Design by Zavoloka & Dmytro Fedorenko


01. Transmutatsia (05:55)
02. Transmutatsia (Cluster Lizard remix (08:04)