Zavoloka “SYNGONIA” 2017

12″ Vinyl / CDr / Digital Download

released on KVITNU



Music and design by ZAVOLOKA.
Mastering by C-Drik.

Release notes:

“Melting crystals, begin to vibrate and rotate, they gather together and form a new brilliant and shining changing substance. It speeds up and starts to shine even brighter, shimmering, twisting and spinning faster and faster. Time is accelerated, the space is warped, transforming rays and waves give rise to a new radiant conscious matter. Symmetrical structure of clear force expands more and more and fills out everything, glowing inside and outside.
Intention to believe.”

This is third volume from series of albums dedicated to Purification by Four Elements: Earth.

1. Syngonia (06:48)
2. Waves Become Matter (05:33)
3. Rotating Fields (05:42)
4. Awake The Quake (04:37)
5. Return To A Previous Energy (05:18)
6. Suffice It To Believe It (05:54)
7. Polonyna (05:12)
8. No Beginning No End (05:44)