Zavoloka “Svitlo” 2011

CD and Digital Download
Kvitnu 2011

Music by Zavoloka
Photography by Kotra.
Design by Zavoloka.
Vocal in “Svit” track by Dania Chekun.

Release notes:
Since her last released album “Viter” in 2007, Zavoloka took a long silence break and went into studio work and collaborations with visual artists. A lot of new material was written, and the first part of the latest tracks is presented in this EP.

Here Zavoloka has changed her direction in sound again and went far from her previous works. “Svitlo” comes with heavy and raw bass lines combined with constantly breaking rhythms and unexpected turns in the track’s structures. This mixture creates a weird dusky and immersive atmosphere, something absolutely new, quite far from any other of Zavoloka’s works released yet.

Svitlo means Light in Ukrainian.