СТАСІК “Колискова Для Ворога | Lullaby For The Enemy” remixes by Zavoloka and Kotra. 2019

Kvitnu 2019


Lyrics & vocals by Anastasia “СТАСІК” (“Stasik”) Shevchenko.
Remixes by Zavoloka and Kotra.
Artwork design by Zavoloka.

Release notes:

Kvitnu turns 13, and this time we decided to make a quite unusual release for our birthday.

In September 2019 Ukrainian singer and veteran of Russian-Ukrainian war Anastasia Shevchenko (Стасік / Stasik) released her song “Lullaby for the enemy”. The frankness and true radicality of this song amazed us, and immediately after the video for this song came out, we (Kotra and Zavoloka) offered to Anastasia to make remixes to Lullaby, and Anastasia accepted our offer.

We will not write additional concepts. This song’s text already contains it all.
Song lyrics are provided in three versions – Ukrainian, Russian and English. You’ll get them together with the music.

Like some of our previous releases for the anniversary of the label, this one also comes in two formats – a free download for everyone, and a 7 ” vinyl disc that will be produced in very limited exclusive edition.

This is our 68th release.

Original video of this song:

More about Стасік (Stasik) on her web sites:


01. Колискова Для Ворога | Lullaby For The Enemy (ZAVOLOKA remix) (04:20)
02. Колискова Для Ворога | Lullaby For The Enemy (KOTRA remix) (02:58)