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2020 Zavoloka “Afalina”, sound for Freq_Wave, Mixer #1: North Sea to Red Sea, Ocean Archive

2020 Zavoloka “Arkan“, “Osmosis VA” compilation, released on Eclectique

2019 “Колискова Для Ворога | Lullaby For The Enemy“, remix for Stasik / Стасік, 7” Vinyl, released on Kvitnu

2019 “Qurban Gelir”, Zavoloka’s remix for Ya Tosiba “Love Party remixes“, 7” vinyl, released on Huge Bass

2019 “Another Place”, Zavoloka’s remix for Feldermelder “The Sound Of remixes“, released on OUS

2018 Zavoloka “Transmutatsia” and “Inflame” tracks for “Sichten 1” vinyl compilation, released on Raster

2015 Zavoloka “Loneliness” track for Norient exhibition

2014 Zavoloka “Above Water” single buy here:

2013 Zavoloka “Nata” single buy here:

2012 Double connection, Digital EP, Zavoloka remix for Plaster, released on Kvitnu

2011 Myths&Masks Of Karol Szymanowski Music By Ukrainian Sound Aartists, CD compilation, track: Anxiety, label Kvitnu

2011 Zavoloka “Volution”, The Morning Line compilation, vinyl, comes with hard cover catalogue

2011 Zavoloka remix for Gurun Gurun “Kodomo”, digital download compilation

2010 Zavoloka “Manipura Fall” single, buy here:

2010 Zavoloka “Micrmes Welt” remix for Kotra “Revolt”, CD

2010 Zavoloka vs Kotra “Micrmes Welt“, Below The Radar Volume 2, with the January 2010 issue, The Wire magazine’s free download compilation

2009 “Modal sound from Velours, Tokyo 01.moderno” CD compilation, track “Air” from Zavoloka-Agf “N.N.P.T.S.B.T” CD, Vithmic Music

2008 The Wire Tapper 20, Zavoloka Inhale, The Wire Magazine issue 296

2008 “Tetroid po dolynah”, track for “Tetroid” digital download compilation

2007 Surreal Madrid label, “Kill the headliners!” compilation, 12 inch vinyl, track: Dzvenity, vocal by Danya Chekun

2007 Zavoloka track for in collaboration with Bianco-Valente visual artist –  MEDIATERRAE vol.1 DVD, with BLOWUP magazine

2007 CHAIN-MUSIC, Zavoloka’s track for online Ryuichi Sakamoto’s digital download compilation

2007 ABrACaDabRa MIX by S Peres, compilation CD, for DJMAG magazine #35, 2007, track: “Kolyskova” (taken from “Plavyna” CD)

2006 “The Wire Tapper 16” track “Cool eyes” (“Tossed Torch” from Kotra & Zavoloka “Wag The Swing”, Kvitnu), CD compilation of  274 WIRE magazine

2006 “Melodia” CD compilation of “Laton” , Zavoloka’s track “Tiny”

2006 “pueblo nuevo primer aniversario compilation“, Digital compilation, label Pueblo Nuevo, track: “Above water” (with vocal of Danya Chekun)

2006 “Slavosonic”, Cd compilation, Dars records, track: “Jakby sontse znalo”

2006 frequenzen volume 1. Cd compilation of London’s Radio Show “Frequenzen”, track: “Kolyskova”, (taken from “Plavyna” album)

2006 postawakeningsound, Digital, on “Skyapnea” label, track: “Nebo”

2006 “Europa”, Digital compilation, on Plexrecords, track: “Temna nichka”

2006 “Sm007”, Digital, on Surreal madrid label, track: “Nata”. 2006

2005 Prix Ars Electronica CD compilation, track “Kolyskova”, taken from “Plavyna” Cd

2005 “Untitled”, Digital compilation, on Telescope label, track: “Lychko rumjanilo”

2005 “Laton: culmination”, compilation Cd, released on Laton, track: “Mood”

2005 “Off&green”, Digital, Zavoloka & Kotra track: “!accuracy!”

2002 “Metropolitan fairytales”, Cd on Innertion records, compilation. Tracks: “Underground movies”, “Trrr” remix, “Kinocall”, “Marina” downtempomix