Kotra & Zavoloka & Dunaewsky69 “Kallista” 2012

CD / Digital
Kvitnu 2012

Collaboration album by Kotra & Zavoloka & Dunaewsky69

Release notes:
This recording is our tribute to Kraków – an obscure area of inspiration and misunderstandings, an old city of new art and technology, a place of imminent comfort and lazy silence, a convenient space for breeding bizarre and radical ideas. 

Kraków is unpredictable and constant, always late and always ahead of time, extremely boring, and super innovative, like it’s just don’t care. We were looking for lost and hidden currents of Kraków, or creating new ones for the city that always sleeps and always awake.

Concept by Kotra.
Music by Zavoloka, Kotra and Dunaewsky69.
Artwork and design by Zavoloka.

All sounds were generated and recorded by Kotra, Zavoloka, Jonáš Gruska and Dunaewsky69.
Additional field recordings made with the assistance of Michał Pawełek.
Custom made oscillators created by Marcin Strzelecki.
Saxophone sample on “Solvay” by Ayane Yamanaka.
Recorded and mixed during February-July 2012 in Krakow, Poland with help of Electroacoustic Studio of Krakow Music Academy.
Mastered by Gianclaudio Moniri at Antilights Mixmaster in Rome, Italy.
Pressed and printed in Kyiv, Ukraine.

We would like to thank Marek Choloniewski, Magdalena Dlugosz, Michal Pawelek, Marcin Stzelecki and Bogumila Berdychowska.